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RCF Evox   RCF - EVOX J System
EVOX is RCF's professional solution for small-array and subwoofer and column style portable speakers. EVOX, designed for live sound with first of class acoustical performance, exceeds the sound quality and reliability of the portable systems.
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Ottocanali 8K4   Powersoft Audio - Ottocanali 8K4
8-Channel Power Amplifier for Lo-Z and Hi-Z transducers.
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Aviom Boom-1   Aviom - Boom-1
BOOM-1 is designed to dramatically enhance a performer's personal mixing experience by adding optimally-processed low-frequency tactile information to an in-ear or headphone monitor mix.
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The HDL6-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set-up a must. A 1400 W 2-channel class-D amplifier powers the system. The system features state-of-the-art RCF transducers ­ two powerful 6.0² woofers for a solid bass reproduction plus a high powered 1.7² voice coil delivering vocal clarity with high definition and an incredible dynamic.
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SKB 3i-221710WMC   SKB- 3i-221710WMC
The 3i-221710WMC iSeries 2217-10 2U Wireless Mic Fly Rack expands on our popular Fly Rack series, allowing for transport of both rack equipment and wireless transmitters all in the same case.
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